Cutting Board Margaux Diam. 60Cm

A cutting board with history
Traditionally crafted from the wood of 100-year-old French oak wine barrels: Our Margaux cutting boards have many a great story to tell. As the characteristic deep red hue of this time-honored board suggests, the barrel it was made from was used for storing fine red wine. Perfect for serving bread and cheese but also meat or even sushi. Hand-made by artisans on a vineyard in the South-African Franschhoek valley and branded with the Flamant Boutique Vineyards logo. Gently rub the vintage oak board with olive oil to protect the age-old wood for many delightful years to come.

vintage oak wood boards from old wine barrels - they should be oiled with a light layer of olive oil to protect the wood

Weight: 4,25 kg (9.37 lbs)
Length: 55 cm (21.65")
Height: 4 cm (1.57")
Width: 55 cm (21.65")