Marie's Corner's Designer, Jaime Gutierrez

Behind every great house, there is a master who gives the creative impulse and the clear setting. By focusing on key pieces of furniture, he infuses the brand's style. The sofa belongs to the repertoire of essentials. From use to line, it concentrates the inspiration of the moment, the summary of a reflection, the signature of a know-how.


Jaime Gutierrez has spent his whole life working with wood and other materials. His childhood spent in Spain still exudes the scent of wood that filled the air of the family workshop where he learned to create traditional Louis XV and Louis XVI type furniture pieces. Because his father worked as a craftsman for Marie’s Corner since the company’s infancy, it was quite naturally that Jaime should one day collaborate with the Belgian brand, thereby reinforcing a 25-year-old link.

Inspired and seduced by the pure, singular and warm lines of Marie’s Corner collections, he works increasingly closely with a brand that produces – in his words, “typically-Belgian pieces that stands out from its European competitors”.

Jaime has signed some of Marie’s Corner most iconic pieces including Hollywood, Baker or still, Virginia.

Today, as the brand’s official designer, Jaime wants to perpetuate the essence and novelty of the Belgian house while upholding its very high-quality standards.

He is intent on marking the house with his brand by incorporating new market trends.

“The place of the sofa in 21st century homes has drastically changed. Today, the sofa is the most important piece of the living room, and must, therefore, draw all the attention.” Jaime sees each new model as the result of an intense reflection between the search for pure lines and obsession for comfort.

The designer grants an almost-manic attention to details and to the harmony of proportions : seats, backs and armrests must come together in a timeless embrace that privileges natural elements and craftsmanship.