Cupboard Hollande

$ 7,110.00

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The piece is constructed and carved by hand and is hand-painted and treated for an antiqued timeless look. The carving reveals an intricately detailed floral pattern, where rows of leaves join together in a small carved bouquet at the top of the grand pediment.

The sizable doors open up to reveal shelving and three small drawers. Remarkably the entire inner of the compartments: shelves, back and inside of the doors, is covered in fabric. In antique models this was to store the broadcloth in the most gentle way and to protect it from possible rips due to the wood. An antiqued white finish is applied to the inner of the compartments and drawers and the classic drawer handles and lock, for a piece with a unique authentic aesthetic.

Cloth was not what we today know as cotton or linen. It was a wool derivate that first was woven en then felted making it stronger than felt and warmer than woven fabric as cotton. In Medieval times cloth was a wide-used material for clothing, making it an important industry in both England and the Low Countries. As a precious material it was kept in exquisite cabinets, worthy of the fine textile.

Weight: 115,00 kg (253.53 lbs)
Volume: 2,88 m³ (101 ft³)
Width: 190 cm (74.80")
Height: 237 cm (93.30")
Depth: 52 cm (20.47")