New 2021 Models

2021 rhymes with renewal, and Marie’s Corner did not escape that trend. To kick off a new year that we all hope will bring its share of good news, inspiration and beauty, we worked hand in hand with our most inspired craftsmen to deliver a line of sofas, chairs and armchairs gifted with the ability to surprise and relax you. With no further ado, let’s dive into the universe of our new 2021 collection.

Bradley, a sectional sofa of Marie’s Corner’s new 2021 collection

A sectional like no other: BRADLEY

Are you looking to dress up your living room with a sectional sofa but you have a limited space? The brand new BRADLEY sectional sofa is the piece that will solve all your issues. With a width and a depth of 90 cm, as well as a 9 cm armrest, it was made to embrace any space, regardless of its size, becoming the only available sectional option for smaller spaces. Thanks to its variety of sections, the beloved BRADLEY is a must of sophistication in its larger versions as well.


A devoted BUTLER with a 360° vision

With the amazingly trendy BUTLER, we engaged with the challenge of bringing together the stylish and the cozy in a swivel chair. As 2021 definitely calls for the brand new and the unexpected, the idea of this 360° swivel chair came as a necessity. As a result, the talented craftsmen were able to design this gem of style, shaped by its curvy lines and warm materials embodied by its wooden feet. The BUTLER has Maries Corner’s DNA all over it, which garantees its contribution to an elegant yet contemporary interior design.


The Butler, a 360° swivel chair of Marie’s Corner’s new 2021 collection

The Dixie, chair and stool of Marie’s Corner’s new 2021 collection

Back to the 50’s with the DIXIE chair and highchair

Some looks are timeless, wouldn’t you say? That is why Marie’s Corner never fails to keep an eye on the past, digging for the tastiest antique looks that are still managing to entice a whole room. It is in that spirit that they gave the DIXIE chair the smoothest of makeovers. This up-to-date version of a classic chair does wonders to a room, whether its fate is to circle a table or marry a desk. Each angle of the DIXIE is a treat to the eye, with a special mention for its sharp diagonal backrest. For variety’s sake, they created a highchair version of the DIXIE, available in two heights: 70 and 80 cm.


A family gatherer : the GARLAND sectional

Our new collection 2021 couldn’t do without a sectional masterpiece of comfort. An invitation to sit back and relax, the GARLAND sofa mixes and matches its variety of sections to assemble the perfect cozy haven for you and the ones who share your home. With a subtle combination of clean lines and a light airy appearance, the GARLAND did not promote comfort over style… On the contrary, it managed to embrace both necessities effortlessly. Props to its special section: a wide and shallow chair that makes it extra special.


The Garland, a sectional sofa of Marie’s Corner’s new 2021 collection

The Perry armchair of Marie’s Corner’s new 2021 collection

Inspired by Charlotte Perriand: the PERRY chair

If you are a fan of the elegant and the sober, you will most likely adore this new kid on the chair block: Mr PERRY. With wood playing the main role in its story, the PERRY chair exposes its natural materials with a noticeable sobriety. Its thick and powerful lines enhance its character, overwhelming with personality and a slightly naive charm…


The holy TRINITY

You might not be fully relaxed until you rest your feet on one of our brand new TRINITY footstools. The striking elegance of their wooden feet is a key ingredient to the cozyness of these pieces of our new collection. Two different available formats are shaping these ottomans; an indispensable addition to your interior design.


Trinity, the three-format footstool of Marie’s Corner’s new 2021 collection

Scott, an armchair of Marie’s Corner’s new 2021 collection

A most wanted sequell: the SCOTT armchair

Some series are meant to stop, some to go on forever and some others, to find a happy extension in the shape of an intriguing sequel… It is the case for the most-appreciated Baldwin and Conway models. After they were a solid hit after their release in 2020, they felt inspired to entertain the feel and style of these two role models. SCOTT features a walnut backrest that gives it a sense of sober elegance, making it the perfect complement to a contemporary living room.


A subtle combination: SOTO

If you find relief in sharp lines, you will without a doubt catch mad love for the SOTO coffee table. Made in ash wood, and designed by the most talented craftsmen, it shows determination in the shape of a solid wooden square up top, while its triangular legs tell another story: a quirky yet smart tale that will be shared by anyone she tells it to.


Soto, a table of Marie’s Corner’s new 2021 collection

Cala, a table of Marie’s Corner’s new 2021 collection

Round up your design
with the CALA coffee table

What’s an afternoon without a cup of coffee (or tea if you prefer) ? To give you a chance to enjoy what’s in that cup just as much as the spot you put it on, we designed CALA, a coffee table made with ash wood. Look down and admire the love triangle happening at its feet, cleverly arranged by the seasoned hands of their top craftsmen.


Moonlight with the LUNA

An exceptional shape for an exceptional look, that is what the LUNA coffee table will grant your interior design. Enjoy a relaxing evening knowing that LUNA stands with class in the middle of your living room, supported by its two moon-shaped legs that contrast smartly with the straight line of its top. Volume and contrast are the words that best define this new model we simply love.


Luna, a table of Marie’s Corner’s new 2021 collection