The time has come for slow living objects

Beautiful stairway of 1886 patrician house - shot on 35mm film

We’ve always been fond of craftsmanship and artistic unique artwork that we like to bring home and make available in our boutique or interior styling projects.
So we were very happy to have found in Ghent, Belgium in a 1886 patrician house two collections ‘The Historians’ and ‘La Femme de Delft’ which were crafted with combined ancient weaving techniques with modern embroidery.

The high-end art objects are eccentric eye-catchers. ‘The Historians’ is a series of portraits of a medieval nobleman and woman in dark classic costume with single bare arm decorated with a brightly colored contemporary tattoo. The tension between the present and the past can be read in their Mona Lisa-like smile.

The contrast between the light and dark hues, the past and the present, and the interplay of the traditional visual weaving technique with modern embroidery creates a bold yet topical artistic statement. The second collection, ‘La Femme de Delft’, is a portrait giving a view of the naked back of the same beautiful woman, with her timeless beauty, capturing the gracefulness and elegance of feminine beauty. She is decorated with the famous cityscape of the Dutch Golden Age from Johannes Vermeer and a tattoo in the traditional Delfts Blue.

The work are limited pieces using the long-forgotten craft of tapestry, interweaving 5 warp and 4 weft yarns into 90 different weaves to create different shades of different textures – all steeped in the grand tradition of Flemish artisanship and innovation.
One could compare it to the art of pointillism where every color is created by a mixture of small dots intermingling before one’s eyes.

Each artwork comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and seal of quality and craft. It carries the exclusive limited lifetime warranty.