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Inspirations by Flamant Home Interiors


The Belgian interior label Flamant releases an exclusive and voluminous new book. Interior Portraits takes the reader on an inspiring journey of discovery through the interiors of private homes and charming hotels all over Europe and far beyond its borders.

If there would be one trait that immediately distinguished the Belgian interior label Flamant from its ‘congeners’, it has to be the surprising effortlessness of how the brand’s interior concept harmoniously integrates in just about any type of home. Whether a rural retreat, a holiday home in the South, a mountain chalet or a modern city dwelling, with its warm and elegant lifestyle concept Flamant finds the right tone to lend every home its own character. This is what Interior Portraits is all about: the book takes its reader on an inspiring journey of discovery through 17 varied and surprising interiors, one by one infused with the quintessential Flamant DNA.

Not only in Belgium, but all over Europe and far beyond its borders owners of private homes and charming hotels fall for the nonchalant and warm style of Flamant and thus contribute to the diffusion of this typical style of living and decorating. No doubt a given that Belgians may be proud of. Because no matter where or how we live, sunny and warm, humid or cold, in the city or on the countryside, by the sea or in the mountains, what it comes to is that all around the world we crave a warm and cozy interior where we can truly be at home.

Interior Portraits takes its reader on a trip through 17 worldly interiors, from one surprising décor to another: a country home in Flanders, a modernist villa in Israel, a summer house by the Nordic fjords, or even a restored palazzo in southern Apulia, an impressive hotel in the rugged Caucasus Mountains as well as a dreamy B&B in Provence. The new book introduces you to the rich interior world of Flamant and proposes many different surprising interpretations of the Flamant-style, that render every project unique and extraordinary.

The book is available at our official Flamant USA partner store, CloClo & Rino, and online.