Home Décor

How to Choose a Rug?

A perfect rug adds warmth to your room, it sets a tone and often determines the ambiance you'd like to create. But how to choose a rug that sets the foundation of your space?

To select a rug you need to take into consideration the color scheme you currently have in your room, as well as the type and colors of the furniture you have, the patterns of upholstery, and don't forget your curtains. Everything has to flow together.

Size and layout of your current room are also essential. Smaller rooms look better with neutral colored rugs, without patterns.

We have selected some very beautiful rugs that partner exceptionally well with the style of our furniture. Available now in the showroom. Some are vintage and therefore one-of-a-kind, others may be reordered if they have sold out.

If you have any styling questions drop by CloClo & Rino. If you're not close to our store, send us an email with a picture of your room and we'll be glad to help.

Click here to see some of our options.