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Gustavian Spirit

The dreamy Gustavian style is characterised by elegant antiques and a serene white color scheme. The traditional furniture is painted in shades of white and grey pastels, complete with a weathered patina. The bright interiors create a feeling of serenity and chic simplicity. With its pure and refined feel, the interior style continues to be relevant in a modern-day world.

The Story behind this cupboard:
This characteristic cloth-cabinet is based on a 17th century model. These cupboards were originally used to keep the nice broadcloth.

The piece is constructed and carved by hand and is hand-painted and treated for an antiqued timeless look. The carving reveals an intricately detailed floral pattern, where rows of leaves join together in a small carved bouquet at the top of the grand pediment.

Cloth was not what we today know as cotton or linen. It was a wool derivate that first was woven en then felted making it stronger than felt and warmer than woven fabric as cotton. In Medieval times cloth was a wide-used material for clothing, making it an important industry in both England and the Low Countries. As a precious material it was kept in exquisite cabinets, worthy of the fine textile.

Weight: 115,00 kg (253.53 lbs)
Volume: 2,88 m³ (101 ft³)
Length: 190 cm (74.80")
Height: 237 cm (93.30")
Width: 52 cm (20.47")

We have just received this cabinet which is now prominently located in our Houston showroom and we reserved several more. They were ordered a long time ago as they are very hard to get. There is another CloClo & Rino container scheduled to depart Europe this month heading to the USA and we can add one or more if interested.

Regular showroom price is $7,900 but if you order one to be added in the container the price is $6,715 (discounted as we don’t need to unpack and pay for storage fees).

Please click here if interested in this beautiful piece.